Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What's In Your Hand?

Maybe your prayers sound a bit similar to mine? "God, here I am, use me in big ways for Your glory!"

Recently, I've been reading in scripture where God used supernaturally what was already in the hands of those He had chosen. Miracles happened! To name a couple - Moses and his staff, Joshua and his javelin, Gideon and his army. God took what was in their hands and moved exceedingly!

We may think "what's in our hand" it isn't enough, silly or too simple, but may be the piece to the puzzle is already there. What if, we currently posses in our hands, the exact answer to what we've been praying for?

Friday, September 2, 2016

God Will Bless & Multiply

Fear of the unknown, can attempt to keep me from pursuing my dreams.

Over these past few months I have learned to do what is in my hand, and trust God with the outcome.  Give what I have to God, and He will multiply it. Just like the story of the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.  The disciples gave God what they had in their hands. Jesus, looked up towards heaven and blessed it.  Not only did it feed the thousands there, but left overs filled the remaining baskets.

When we give God what is in our hands, He will take it, bless it and multiply it!

Don't allow the fear of lack, or unknown keep you from pursuing your dream.  With God all things are possible, to those who believe.  Will you believe in His strength today?  It's not by your own strength but in His.

" For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength."
Philippians 4:13 NLT

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It Doesn't Have to Make Sense

My youngest son, Elijah who is 5, doesn't like it when I leave for my walk.  Bending down to kiss his forehead I whispered, "Mommy will be back in 37 minutes."

My fastest time was 39 minutes.  I know ... he won't even know the 2 minute time difference, but I felt like I had lied to him.

This is my normal walking route, and I always go to the right.  This day I felt the nudge to go left, and I did. Only after taking a few steps into it, I thought "Wait, this doesn't make sense. It's uphill, harder, and will probably take longer." (I had the 2 minute difference on my mind.)

Abruptly, I pivoted around and headed back my normal way, to the right.  There, this makes more sense ...

I was off to the races and getting in the groove of my pace.  For some reason, I could not stop shaking the idea I should have went the other way.  And, I wondered was it God telling me to go the other way?

I decided to turn back around, yet again.  Maybe, it was God and I should be obedient, even if it doesn't make sense.

Shortly after my directional change I noticed my strides started to get quicker, and my footing felt different. My leg wasn't shaking, and there was a new strength in the placement of my foot, every step I took.  My endurance seemed to be growing too.  I realized it actually isn't harder this way, and I am booking it!  My pace, my strength, my endurance, all growing by the second.  Even going uphill!

Now, you may be thinking walking isn't that hard.  The part I didn't let you in on, was during a previous knee surgery about 3 years ago, my right leg had been paralyzed for almost 15 months. My muscles wouldn't work properly, and I was confined to crutches for the entire time.  You see now, this is HUGE!

A miracle I have prayed for, believed by faith it would happen! No pain, strength, HEALED!  I was trying to make sense of everything now and it was all happening so fast.  The thought, the route change, listening to voice inside me say "go the other way."  It was God telling me too!

 Deep inside my spirit I felt Him say to me, "It doesn't need to make sense."

"My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts", says the Lord. "And my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:8-9 NLT

It's by faith, not by sight! By believing you have received even before you see the answer.  Being obedient even when it doesn't make sense.

I am quickly coming to the end of my route now.  My energy is through the roof, and I am pumped! I slide my finger across finish workout, and the time 37 minutes, 11 seconds.

37 minutes!  Immediately, I felt the Lord say to me, "You have what you say!"

I have been praying I am healed since 11-1-2013.  Even though the strength wasn't there, and pain still existed I kept speaking I was healed.  Believing by faith!  I left my home this morning saying I will be home in 37 minutes and I was.  There is power in the words you speak.

What all started as a normal route, ended up being a miraculous healing and lesson for me.  You have what you say, and it doesn't need to make sense.

" I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you've received it, it will be yours."
Mark 11:24 NLT

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"Really, God?"

Ever felt God asked you to do something, and once you say yes, things don't go the way you had thought?

A few years ago, I believed God was wanting me to try out for the worship team at my church.  For months, I wrestled with it.  I would think, "nope, somebody else will be better at that."

Unfortunately, because of my doubt, this went on for quite awhile.  One day, I finally said yes.  I went in my room, told my family to stay out, and made the video.  Apprehensively, with sweaty hands,  I hit the send button.  Comfort zone squashed!"

After a few weeks of stalking my email daily, I heard from the worship pastor.  Eagerly, I opened the email, only to find it was not at a welcome to the team type message.  Although the reply was kind and meant to be encouraging,  my heart was confused.  Instantly I said, "Really, God?"

Maybe, you had your own "Really, God?" type of moment.  You did what He was asking you to do, but the answer wasn't what you expected.

I want to share with you a few things I have learned.

What to remember:

  1. God is doing a work in you, through this process. TRUST Him!
  2. Look for what you can learn from this.
  3. Keep moving forward, even if it feels like your going nowhere in the natural. 
  4. God's hope will not lead to disappointments! Romans 5:3-5
  5. Have confidence in God's timing as you hope and wait. Romans 8:24-25 

Honestly, I still am not sure of the why and what to my experience. But, my heart for worship has grown stronger, my love for God deeper, and my trust in God far more than I ever thought.  Giving your heart fully to God, relinquishing control and trusting Him is the most freeing and beautiful experience. I hope this encourages you in some way.  God has good plans for you ~ Don't Give Up!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Aunt Jenny

When the name, Jennifer Loose, is spoken these words will always follow.  A beautiful, strong, mighty, courageous, loving, patient, joyful and God fearing woman.  She would bring joy to any room she entered.  Her love for God, radiated as she sang to Him in praise and worship, and now she is face to face with Him.  How glorious for her to be singing at the feet of Jesus.

Even though we lived miles away from each other, I felt so close to her.  Distance cannot separate love.  I feel such joy for her, now healed and in the glory of her Heavenly Father, but sorrow for I won't get to wrap my arms around here on earth again.  My middle boy, Brady age 9, broke down this morning.  As I was attempting to comfort him, I ended up comforting myself.  You see, he was finding scriptures on healing in the bible, and was praying for that everyday.  He was confused as to why his prayers weren't answered, and why she had to die.  As I stood there and listen to his heart break, I clinged to my faith in God.  I told him, I don't understand and trying to figure it out will just drive me into more despair.  What I do know is the truth of God's word, and even though my emotions are leaking out from every part of my being, my spirit will praise my Father in Heaven.  Our God is a good God, and don't ever lose that!  We don't know why she wasn't healed here on earth, but we need to trust in Him, through all things.  I know for sure my aunt's testimony will change hearts of many, and many will ask Jesus into their lives.  She spoke so much into my life, and reading all of the memories on social media, she did to so many others.  The celebration of her life, will bring others to know Jesus.

My cousins are so amazing, and strong just like their mom.  The gifts and talents that God gave them in worship, music and song is breathtaking.  Aunt Jenny breathed into their dreams and told them to fly, and they did.  My Uncle Danny had a Proverbs 31 wife, a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised! Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.  Aunt Jenny, you are forever loved!  You are more precious than rubies, and you have greatly enriched so many lives.   I love you!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

This is God's will!

For this is God's will for you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I AM--Yahweh!

Right before the Israelite's were freed from bondage, as God promised Moses they would be--it got immeasurably worse for them.  Not only did they have to make the same amount of bricks, but they had to collect all the straw as well.  Exodus 5:9 says.."load them down with more work, make them sweat!"

Do you feel loaded down right now? Are things seeming like they are getting worse instead of better? Let's look at the scriptures to see how HE sees and what HE says.

I AM--Yahweh! The Lord. Exodus 6:2

Here are Yahweh's promises found in chapter 6:6-7

I WILL be your GOD!

God is about to multiply miraculous things in your life!  His promises are true.  They are the same yesterday, today and forever.  Call on those former things and stir yourself up in His word.  He is about to do a new thing!