Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tune in

It is funny how you know the Lord is telling you something but you still shake your head and say nah...that is not what I am supposed to do. Then a few weeks go by with the comment coming back to your thoughts ever so gently and still shrugging it off. So God brings in someone else to re-affirm what he has already said to you. Isn't God amazingly patient and gentle? How many times do we ask our children to do something for us and after 12 times of being patient our patience wears out? Thank you Lord for not losing your temper with me.

What is the Lord asking you to do today? It could be just a random thought or question brought to your mind. I have just recently recognized his voice and how he speaks to me. It is hard sometimes with all of the other voices screaming at you but that gentle voice is the one I am trying to tune it to everyday. You may need to adjust your volume or change the station to hear him but he is there. Listen for him!

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