Sunday, September 2, 2012

God's gifts

We tell our boys often that they are wonderfully made and they are our gifts from God.  I love to see their faces when they hear that.  Its a look that can't be fully described but one that you always remember joyfully.  As I think of that I think how our Father in heaven looks at each of us.  We are his gifts, we are his treasures and I ask myself "am I giving him the same joy on my face"? Nope, not really at all.  I am sure my nose is all scrunched up looking like I ate a sour lemon.  I struggle with liking anything about myself.  It's almost like I feel even worse if I try to think of something positive.  The devil loves to get in my mind and say "well don't you think highly of yourself" and then guilt sets in with feeling shame of pride or something.  That needs to stop, that is not from the Lord.  I need to believe those words that I tell my own children because that is how my Father feels about me.  It is okay to think about yourself as a wonderful gift, not in a concietful way, but in the way God says so in his word. Every life is a gift from God, no one person is an accident.  He has a purpose for my life and yours.  Every time that thought comes into my head, your fat..your are just a stay at home don't have many don't have any special talents...I am going to say loudly to the devil "I am a gift from God and I am wonderfully made!"  (see Psalms 139:14-18) Once I begin saying it enough my thoughts will begin to override my feelings because honestly feelings are just that feelings.  We can't believe are feelings all the time, that is in the flesh.  We need to believe in our spirit because that is where Christ dwells in us.  Pray with me..

Father, I thank you for my life.  I thank you that you created me with a purpose and that I am wonderfully made.  Help me to believe what you say about me and not how the world perceives me. In Jesus name, Amen.

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