Friday, November 30, 2012

It all started with a spider..God is so creative showing me things.

Apparently it is quite entertaining to my boys and husband when I have to kill a spider.  They laugh and giggle at mommy running in place, squealing and shaking my arms when I finally squish the spider in a kleenex.  All the while I am scared and not at all happy about having to do it.

For some reason I was thinking of that this morning and thought..huh, I wonder if that is how we entertain satan at times.  You know when God asks you to do something and then the fear rises up in you.  You may not physically rant around but your mind starts going at 500 paces as to why you shouldn't and all other kinds of negative thoughts.  Then you don't do it.  I think that is exactly what entertains satan.  He loves to watch us become paralyzed by fear when God is wanting to move in our lives.  He wants us to be so overcome with fear that we do nothing except entertain him while he watches us squirming, squealing and running in place.  Well, praise God that we are the head and not the tail.  You can pray and ask God to take that fear away or you might just have to do it afraid.  When God asks us to do something or even calls into something we are gonna have opposition from the enemy.  But that is what is so amazing the enemy knows that there is power in you by God.  A power that will bring others to Christ.  I heard Joyce Meyer's say one time that when she wakes up in the morning she wants hell  to shake, Amen!  I want satan to be the one shaking.

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