Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Elijah,

Raising awareness for the March of Dimes is a very personal experience.  Our story began in 2010, when at 16 weeks pregnant I began bleeding. After numerous trips to the emergency room, we found out that I was losing amnio fluid while only 18 weeks pregnant.  I was placed on strict bed rest but that did not stop my water from breaking at 20 weeks.  Our son Elijah fought for 8 more weeks  before being delivered at 28 weeks.  He was in the NICU unit for 75 days before we were blessed to bring him home.  It was a journey like no other and only God’s hands were there to save him.  Looking back, I am still amazed at what God did for Elijah and our family. God helped Elijah survive and conquer, against all odds.  

As the 2013 March for Babies Ambassador Family, it is our job to represent and support efforts for the March of Dimes.  There is a walk at the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek on April 28th.  We would love to have you join our “Team Diemer” to show your support.  You can locate our page at  You can walk with us, donate, or pray for this organization and the babies that need the help needed to survive.  Thank you for your support!

Patrick, Angela, Jackson, Brady and Elijah

"Team Diemer"

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