Saturday, April 13, 2013

Be the love of God...

Showing the love of God to all you come into contact with.  You have no idea what a smile might do for someone.  Asking if they are okay when they look distraught in their demeanor.  You don't need to shout bible scriptures at people to win them to Christ.  You have to show people the love of Christ.  I was asking God this morning what do you want me to say.  What is it you are trying to show me.  At first, I thought it was on being thankful.  So, I started out with that and as soon as I started to type this topic took over.  Someone needs this, maybe it is me that needs this.  God will do with it what needs to be done and I am going to trust him.  He is my rock and my fortress to him I will give all praise and glory.  I can't do anything without the love of God in my life.  You may think, what you can't brush your teeth without God.  Nope, not even that.  You see God gives me each breathe I take and without breathe I am not living.  So, yes even something as simple as brushing my teeth is because God has given me the grace to live this day.  What can I do for Him today?  

I am going to show others how awesome it is to live for God.  Yes, there will be trials and no I won't do everything right.  Thankfully, God looks at my heart and not my actions.  I know I don't react to some things the way Jesus would but he is graciously working on those things with me. He doesn't throw it all at me at once but he gently prunes away those branches that aren't producing any good fruit.  Once the pruning is done then the fruit can flourish.  He chopped me earlier this week and that is what I needed, a good chopping.  I wasn't catching the pruning attempts, silly me.  What was great though is I got it.  I didn't allow condemnation to come on me, I didn't wallow in self pity but said your right Father and thank you.  Now, that was a gigantic step for me.  Satan would always try to make me feel bad about everything and sometimes I would just feel awful for days or even years.  Not this time! God is so good and I love Him.  I want others to see how great and abundant their lives can be.  I want others to know there is a way out of a mess.  There is hope.  There is a place where you are safe and that place is in God's arms.  Run to his arms today.  Lay every burden down at his feet, ask Him to take it.  You may not see anything right away happening but trust Him he is working even if we can't see it.  Speak that out loud when you get frustrated.  Thank you God for working for me right now.  He is an awesome God and he can do the impossible.  For nothing is impossible for the great and mighty King of Kings! 

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