Friday, May 24, 2013

Are there cracks in your foundation of Christ?

I know it is a word from God when right after I wake up from my dream, God says something to me.   I can't fully explain the dream because it was so visual and emotional but I will share the word that was spoken.  I believe there is someone who needs to hear this as well.  God told me the enemy is trying to find any crack he can in my foundation with Christ.  He is trying to slowly and repeatedly peck away at the cemented foundation trying to get in.  I have not left the door wide open but he is trying to chisel at the base and make some cracks.  Don't let him in.  Guard my heart, my mouth, my mind.   I had a heaviness on  my heart for my children, he is after my children.  Praise God that I have God and the enemy will not get my children. I need to stand firm, declare the line of God and we will not cross it.  I will train my children up in the ways of the Lord and they will not turn from it.  My children will be blessed when they go in and when they go out.  They will be blessed with all they put their hands to, blessed in the first fruits of their bodies.  My children will be blessed!!!  I am ready for battle it is not going to be easy I sense that.  I am leaning on God for every part of my days and nights.  Relying completely on Him, I cannot do battle without Him.  Together we are going to attack those giants and receive the promise land God has declared for me.  Amen!

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