Friday, May 17, 2013

Patience perfecting...

I have a lot of questions for God today.  I think he enjoys questions.  With questions you seek and when you seek you find.  My spirit is crying out to Him today asking for answers.  I know he will not answer all my questions or even in the time I think I need them.  He will answer though.  My patience is being perfected while I wait.  I keep telling my mind consider it joy as you face these trials for my patience is being perfected.  I pray and believe but I don't want doubt in there.  You know the drill pray pray pray and then wonder wonder wonder.  I need to stop that tactic and just pray then shut my mind up.  Easier said then done I know but I need to try.  I don't want to nullify any prayer with doubt or worry.  Do not worry he tells us in the book of Matthew chapter 6 and do not doubt in chapter 21.  Father help me not to worry our doubt but believe your promises.  Quiet the enemies voices in my mind and help me to tear them down with the word of God.  You are my shield and my protector in you I put my trust!

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