Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Words that will change your life!

Thinking about the scriptures I have read the last few days in the book of Leviticus regarding the sacrifices for sins.  To think you had to find a certain animal, kill it, cut it up in a certain pattern, give it to a priest, place it on an altar, oh and sometimes have to change your clothes.  Geez...that is alot to remember and make sure you do it in the proper way for atonement of your sins.  Thank you Jesus that you took all of that away.  You bore our sins, shed your blood and died for us.  We don't have to find an animal, a priest, change our clothes, put it all on altar and wait for days.  No...saying Jesus forgive me and mean it, that is it.  It is so amazing, so beyond the imaginable to think we are forgiven for anything by saying "Jesus forgive me, come into my life".  Thank you Jesus!

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