Friday, May 17, 2013

Yes, God spoke to me through Curious George

I was having my morning coffee with Elijah my 28 month old sitting on my lap.  Together we were watching Curious George, as we do every morning at 8 o'clock.  Today George was trying to distract a man from cutting branches off of trees because George thought the man was hurting the tree. The man explained to George that he has to trim the branches off the trees in order to let the sunlight in.If the sun can't shine on the fruit it will die.  Hmmm...God spoke to me through George, which I think is hilarious and shows Gods humor and creativity   He told me honey I need to trim these branches off of you so I can shine my presence in you more.  Don't be scared of the trimming of your branches because it will allow more fruit to grow.  Interesting and heart warming to me.  I love it!  You never know when he will tell you something but as long as you are in constant conversation and listening for Him, He will talk to you.  Be listening for Him.

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