Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Called to run...No excuses..It is time..

The three things I felt the Lord spoke to me.  I want you to start running, now is the time and no excuses.

I used to see people running and would tell my husband I wish I could do that.  The same reply would always be, honey you can't.  I would agree and go about what I was doing but would always have the desire to run.  You see the reason " you can't" was because the doctors said that.  After my fifth knee surgery on the left leg they said you are a few years away from a total knee replacement, no sports and no impact exercise.  Pretty much you can walk and pretty much that is it.  Couldn't ride a bike because of the lack of motion in my leg.  No jumping, hopping or shifting of any kind...can you say BORING!!!

On Sunday June 2, 2013 I completed my first run.  I felt amazing afterwards.  To me it was a miracle.  I knew with God I can do this.  I started getting in the groove of a good pace, noticed I wasn't gasping for air and really began to see this is gonna happen. Just then my good knee blew or that is what it felt like.  Pretty soon there after, swelling, bruising, pain and I was unable to bear weight on it.  I was mentally drained.  I thought I have pushed so hard this week. Defeat set in and  I started to question God am I supposed to be doing this.  My husband would try and encourage me and honestly I would just get mad.  I was having a pity party for myself.  Thankfully I was able to snap out of it and ask God for help.  He would bring scriptures to mind and then I would read something again confirming what I felt in my spirit.  The one thing that stands out most was an email I recieved from Joyce Meyer ministries that very day.  At the very top of the email it was a photo of a race with the words finish wrote on it. Felt he said you will finish this race.   With him, through him, in him I will run!

You too today what are you praying for? Are you trusting? Are you having a pity party like I did?  If you are stop and start saying positive things. Speak his word over whatever is going on.  Give it to God only he can fix the broken and make the unbelievable BELIEVE! Speak the promises of God over your situation don't say anything negative that defeats the power of God.  You want to destroy the devil and give God the power. I am excited for what God will do in your situation.

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