Friday, August 23, 2013

Dear God...

Dear God, what is going on? Why is this happening? When will it end?  Where are the promises?  Any of those questions sound familiar?  Man it is hard to keep trying to push through the junk that comes at you. Declaring positive things even when your right in the middle of a difficult circumstance.  I think I have said "I trust you Lord, you are my shield" at least a thousand times this summer.  And, not just saying a thousand times to pull out a number out of the air, I really have.  To stay at peace in the midst, trying to envision the parting of the Red Sea while the raging waters are all around you.  Will I trust God enough to be right there in the middle of it? I pray for that every waking moment.  Saying scriptures in my mind, trying to remember to speak them out loud when I can.  But, when will a change happen.  Father, I am so beaten down and need you to hold my hand, my head and most of all my heart.  I feel like I am falling, catch me I pray.

If you too are feeling like there is no end in sight.  Hold unto the promises of God.  Keep speaking them, thinking them, believing them. Stay in the word of God and praise Him. Praise music does amazing things. Put on your itunes and let it go.

Father, I thank you for who are.  Help us to remember you are a shield to those who trust in you.  That you cover us with the shadow of your wing.  Your angels lift us up and no evil will befall us. Shine your light on us, help us to feel your love.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I needed to be reminded of this. I have had a hard week of asking these very questions. Although I know I have faith in HIM, I still am human and don't understand WHY sometimes. =)