Sunday, August 18, 2013

How, When and Where God can change your life..

  You know it is God when your in the middle of one your normal activities and he speaks to you where it rattles deep down in your soul. Like a lightning storm that grabs your attention and then rain just washes over you.  A moment like that happened to me where God was asking me to be radically obedient.  I was in line at the grocery store patiently waiting my turn just kinda looking around until my heart broke as I saw what was going on in the line next to me.  There was a woman trying to pay for her groceries and didn't have enough money for them.  The manager and the clerk were being so rude to her as she was trying to pick and choose what she could go without.  I almost broke down right there.  She was trying to choose between toilet paper and some food items while she was being bullied by the staff.  It was my turn to check out (in the line next to her) and God said give her your money in your wallet and change back.  Being a budget mom who has 3 boys and a husband who can go through a pantry of food in a day I knew I wouldn't have much change back.  So quietly said Lord I won't get much back he said that doesn't matter give it to her.  She is still standing there taking item after item off her cart. I reached in my wallet didn't count it just grabbed it and the cash returned to me, my entire being was shaking for some reason.  I walked over to the lady and just shoved it in her purse which kinda shocked my self.  I don't even remember the words I said to her.  I wanted to get out of there as quick as possible before I would lose it entirely.  My clerk said "thank you " to me and I murmured something to her as I rushed out. I got in my car and just began to sob.  All the way home just crying and praying.  I have no idea what impact that had on the lady in the grocery store or the staff but that day changed my life.   He is melting my heart for helping others around me.  The scripture Matthew 5:14-16 where it says your a light of the world a city on a hill, let your light shine for people and give praise to God.


  1. Angela, you ARE a light in the world and what a wonderful thing you did for that woman! What a great testimony of listening to God in radical obedience. Thanks for sharing!

    Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader)