Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just like cheerios for the heart :)

I love the commercial where the little girl asks her mom if Cheerios's are good for your heart. The mother answers with yes and the little girl takes off.  Next scene is her dad waking up from a nap with Cheerios laid all across his heart.  So sweet! The little girl wanted to help her daddy's heart with giving him Cheerios placed on top of his heart.  She didn't fully understand that you have to eat them to get inside you, which in turn helps the health of your heart.

When I saw this I first said "awe how sweet",  but then had this thought come to me from the Lord.  Just like the little girl placing the cheerios across her daddy's heart it wouldn't work unless he digested them inside. The same goes for the word of God.  You can't just lay the bible across your heart and say "there I am safe now, I am protected". No, you have to read it, digest it into your heart and mind.  Get it inside you so that your heart is protected and strong in the word of God.  For without God we are nothing.

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