Friday, September 27, 2013

Trust & Obey....

As I am teaching my boys their lessons this week for school I hear God whispering to me this is for you.  All week they have been studying the first five books of the Old Testament.  Even at a second and third grade level curriculum the Lord can speak directly to you.  As I was talking to them it was like I was talking to myself.  Ever have one of those moments when you are saying to someone what you want them to learn yet you are learning at the exact same time (and probably more). I remember asking them " Do you think that people made fun of Noah for building the ark?  Did he encounter countless criticism? Yet, he knew what God had spoke to him and he decided no matter what to "Trust & Obey".  Do we listen to the nay sayer's or do we "Trust & Obey? Or Abram(Abraham), when God told him to pick up everything he owned and go to a foreign land. The moment when God spoke to him that there will be as many sons/daughters as the stars in the sky or the dust of the earth.  What if he didn't trust and obey?  So many stories of God asking and waiting for a servant to listen and believe in Him.  What is God asking you to do?  Is there something stirring in your spirit yet doubt is trying to cloud it out?  Trust God and walk in the obedience he is calling you to.  He will never fail you, and will amaze you!

 Thank you for lighting dreams up in our spirits that can only come from you. Protect our hearts and minds as we are walking out the calling you have placed on us. Help us to keep our focus on you, to lift up our eyes to the heavens as we trust you. To be bold in our faith and courageous.  In your mighty name, Amen

Psalms 40:8  I delight to do your will..

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