Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crazy Goose! #Overwhelmedbook

I am very thankful that I have the privilege of reading a book that has not yet reached the stores.  It was an answer to prayer.  I came home one night from a women's bible study at church just feeling overwhelmed.  Not how I thought I would feel after digging into God's word. Yet, I stood there rambling and crying to my husband about how I just feel overwhelmed and can't shake it.  The very next morning he forwards me an email about a study that Perry Noble is launching for his new up and coming book, "Overwhelmed".  People would be able to read this book prior to it being on the book shelf.  Then later come back and state how it helped them or their thoughts on it.  The title "Overwhelmed"!!! Did you catch that the title was exactly what I said the night before.  Feeling overwhelmed and I can't shake it.  God I love how you answer prayers. The cool thing is I can download it on my phone.  So, when I am snuggled up with the kiddos watching "Veggie Tales or Curious George" I can read it easily.  Being of course, who ever puts their phone down now a days.  This morning I laughed at a scenario he was explaining about running from this crazy goose that was chasing him and his daughter.  I laughed because the way he wrote it was hilarious!  He said, (paraphrasing here) that he turned around rebuked the goose and warned it if it proceeded any further he would punt it into never never land. Well, the goose stopped.  Felt, in my spirit saying stop letting that crazy goose of "overwhelm" chase you! Don't allow it to let your feelings go crazy.  My power is in you, activate it!  Lesson noted, highlighted, bookmarked and memorized.  Can't wait to see what other things are waiting for me in this book.  I plan on blogging about my journey as I go and my hope is to let others know you are not alone.  You are not crazy if you feel overwhelmed but don't let the crazy goose chase you anymore!

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