Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The lessons you can learn from a 3 year old boy.

Waiting is hard, no matter what age we are.  I feel at times that I look like my 3 year old does when I tell him an answer that doesn't give him what he wants/when he wants it.  He looks so distraught and thinks that it will never come quick enough.  Arms flailing, voice screaming, why mommy, how come!!  I wonder if that is how I appear to God?  Mind you I am not rolling around on the ground but in my heart and mind I am throwing a tantrum fit.  Do I appear like my 3 year old when I make him sit down and put his hands in his lap?  Not allowing him to get up until he says that he has self control.  I can learn alot from my boy Elijah.  I need self-control myself.   Stop getting frustrated cause nothing is happening for me (that I can see) and others around me have it going on.  Stop whining and throwing a fit and get a grip Angela.  Get some self-control, breathe, relax and let go of trying to make things happen.  Be still and know that I am God. He gave me the dream and He alone will make it happen.  I just need to be patient, or as I tell my boys "wait nicely". many lessons God teaches me through my children.  I hear myself telling them something and feel in my spirit God is telling me the same exact thing.  Love my dudes, they are awesome.  Love my Jesus!!!

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