Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To have my face radiate with His glory, my prayer today.

He  knows me by name... In Exodus 33 it states how when Moses would go into the tabernacle tent he would remove the veil from his face. When he would come out after being with God in an intimate conversation his face would radiate brightly with Gods presence.  I pray that for myself today that after spending time with God my face will shine brightly with the love of God. To have so much of Gods presence in me that it overflows to whomever I come into contact with. Back to Exodus 33 he tells Moses in verses 12 and 17 " I know you by name, and you have found grace in My sight'.  In verse 14, God says "My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest".  What a beautiful way to think of your day at the beginning ,and throughout, that His presence will go with me and He will give me rest. If your just starting your day or in the middle of it remember His presence is with you and He will give you rest.  Let His love fill your soul so that your face will radiate His presence, and His love will overflow out of you.  Take time to be with Him.

Thank you Father for your words and your promises. I pray you blanket me in your presence today and that I remember you go with me and I have rest in you. Thank you for this beautiful day!

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