Friday, May 30, 2014

Leaving my scared to death shaking shoes behind

Dear God,

Help me to step out my scared to death shaking shoes and into your plan.  He is calling me out on the water. The song "Oceans" by Hillsong has been coming up over and over again to me.  The scriptures in Joshua chapter 1, Be strong and of good courage.  Repeated over and after day.  I knew He was trying to tell me something but I was even afraid of what he was trying to tell me.  Fear, is an ugly life sucking thing. It can paralyze you into a comfort zone with padded walls so you won't get hurt. The what ifs begin to flood your mind so much that it can take your breath away.  Then the comparison's of everyone else who you think is better then you.  Oh Jesus, Help Me to be brave because I am terrified of failing.  I have had that hurt before that wound.  That is where perfection started to take root.  I must be perfect before I try, practice, try again, practice until you are perfect.  Stop it Angela!!!  I am not gonna lie, I am terrified! But today is a new day, the day I say "But God!"  When the lies start to try and come at me I will say "But God".  When fear tries to take hold I will say "But God".  He is calling me out on the water and I am going to go.  Is He calling you out?  Have you been hearing His voice but afraid of what it may involve?  I am praying for your faith in Him to be bigger then anything that is thrown at you.

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