Friday, May 16, 2014

My heart is so heavy...

My heart has been heavy for the brokenhearted women of this world.  The ache to be loved by someone and sometimes at any cost.  Those who have grown up fatherless.  Those who had a father in their home but was abusive.  A father figure in their life, but not involved in their life personally.  Oh, the things that we can give up just to be loved.  Our souls, our hearts, anything to just have someone love us.  Such a deep mourning in my heart for the girls, young women and even old who are desperately wanting to be loved.  If this is you reading this or you know someone who needs this.  Jesus, loves you!  Yes, He does.  You might have chatter in your head saying "well, if Jesus loves you, why is this happening?" or "well, if Jesus loves you where is your husband at" another "well, if Jesus loves you why are you all alone"...Please know that all of those are lies from satan. He is the "father of lies".  I am praying for you right now! Don't give up your morals, your standards just to be loved.  If you are having to to do that, it isn't love.  God loves you, He really truly does. Find a bible based church, godly woman whom can mentor you, a bible, a worship song.  Cry out to Him, He wants to help but he has given you a free will.  You have to ask Him...He is a gentleman and is waiting for you to ask Him into your heart.

Father, I thank you that you are a Father to the fatherless.  You are a healer to the broken heart. You are LOVE!  I pray for those who are searching for someone to love them.  I pray right now they are asking you to come into their hearts now and forever. That they believe you have died for their sins, rose from the grave and are seated on the throne.  That they choose to forgive all others and themselves and believe they are free in you.  Father, love them your amazing love.  Heal their hurts an wounds I ask in your precious name, Amen.

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