Friday, May 9, 2014

Seeing a past experience in a different way..

This morning my devotional had the scriptures from Psalms 91.  I have it memorized in the New King James version, but read it today in the Common English version. I enjoy reading all different versions to see if my understanding changes as I read it.  Today my understanding didn't change, but saw a past experience in a new way.  It was one of those times when I was praying and declaring His word over my situation.  However, I thought He was silent in return.  I knew He was there because He never leaves us, but I couldn't "see" any quick changes in my eyes.  As I read verse 9 in the common english this morning ,and that memory quickly shot into my mind. I had an ah ha kinda moment.   It says " Because you have made the Lord my refuge, the Most High, your place of residence. (vs.10) No evil will happen to you, no disease will come close to your tent."  Now I knew these statements already, but when that memory appeared this time reading it I saw that previous situation in a clearer way.  Even though that previous battle was probably the most difficult experience I had in my life, these verses were still so true.  I can vividly see differently this morning what I couldn't see then.  Reminds me that just because we can't see changes happening within our own vision, things are changing as we pray.  He is working for our good, even while we pray through those dark and difficult times.  I want to encourage you to stay in His word, memorizes scriptures, declare them over your life.  Even if things are moving at a snails pace you are still going forward.  We may not see anything changing with our eyes, but if we reside in Him all things will work for our good.  Stay in His word, make Him a priority.  He is the key!

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