Monday, June 16, 2014

I Will Not Fear Terror in the Night!

When your husband, who sleeps as sound as a hibernating bear, suddenly is awake in the middle of the night; rolls over and asks you to pray for protection around your home; You don't ask questions you just do it!

Last night was a crazy night.  My oldest Jackson, has been battling with night terrors since the age of 2.  It is a terrifying thing to witness him go through.  All we do is pray the entire time.  My husband whispers Jesus, Jesus, Jesus over him.  The screams he makes and the terror that comes out of him is horrifying.  The things he says and screams I know is a spiritual warfare fight.  By God's grace, I am so thankful that Jackson doesn't remember anything about it.   God the Almighty's hand is upon my child.  Satan has no claim on him, for Jackson is God's chosen one.  There is a call on my son's life, I know it!

Then comes Brady, middle boy, he too had a bad dream.  His was a nightmare not a terror.  Still this was about the 6 th time I was up last night praying over my boys because of dreams.

Round 7, I have three boys and the youngest is Elijah.  Yes, he too woke up screaming in his sleep.  I again praying, I will fear no terror in the night because the Lord God is with us.  He is a shield to us and we are safe!

I have been praying for the last couple weeks that my boys have faith like David, courage like Joshua, and they listen to God not others like Nehemiah.  The enemy tries to put the squeeze on when God is beginning to move in a powerful way.  I am so thankful I have the Holy Spirit to pray for me when I don't know what to say.  I am so thankful I have the promises of God to speak over my life and my families.  I am so thankful that Jesus took it all on the cross for me and I don't have to struggle.  I am so thankful I have a loving Father in Christ that I can run to and am safe in His arms.  I am so thankful that He sends His angels out to bear us up from the enemy attacks.  I am so thankful for the discernment God gives me in situations.  I am so thankful for Jesus!

This mama if full of Jesus and I will continue to always pray for my boys, they are God's chosen!

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