Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is He calling you?

Standing on stage in front of a crowd is a paralyzing thought...wondering will I screw up, will I sound right, what will others think?  He stops me and says "Do you trust me?"

Is He calling you to do something?  Are you scared out of your shoes like me?  Well, let's trust Him together shall we.  Let's Step Out!  Be Brave for the Lord God is with you....Always


  1. I know how this effects me and I do need to step out and trust the Lord. He is telling me thru this blog to speak more about the results of not receiving Christ to my brothers and sister. I'm afraid they'll think I'm a nut to believe the" TRUTH". And it's literally a matter of life or death which is more important than what they think. Thank you for your blog.

    1. Praying that the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts as you are the vessel being used to tell them about the love of God.