Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Beauty of God

The contrast of the bright blue sky, the white meringue clouds, the hazy deep grey low clouds, all with the sunlight shining through any break in the sky.  God's beautifully painted sky.  As I was riding in our truck next to my husband driving,  all I could do is just thank Him for His beauty.  Even though I knew there were rain clouds a head where the darkness was, still so beautiful.  At that moment, I felt Him say, when you have storms in your life look to my beauty not to the darkness of the storm.

How often are we in a situation that seems unbearable or never ending?  We make it all consuming cause we can't see the beauty in the storm.  The beauty is God's hand and His heart working in ours.  The beauty is the light that shines through the cracks of the darkness.  Such a striking image to see sunlight break through the dark clouds reaching from the heavens to the earth.  Allow His beauty to fill your heart.  As you look around today at the way He has beautifully painted the earth.  From flowers, rivers, birds, sky, desert, mountains, grassland.  I could go on and on with His creativity.

So thankful for your beauty Jesus, Help me to see your beauty in ALL things.

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