Friday, August 1, 2014

@DeclareConf 4X4 2014

Declare Conference 2014
Wish I could be there
Praying for all of you!

My name is Angela Diemer
Things about Me 

Married to my Best Friend "Patrick"
Mom to 3 Awesome Dudes
Homeschooling Mama
Loves the smell of freshly ground coffee

My Quirks

I am an organize junkie
I even organize my grocery items when placing them on the check out belt
I laugh when I get hurt (which my husband still doesn't know what to do with)
I found out ,once I met my husband ,I make sound effects all the time (things he laughs at still)

Things about my blog/writing

I am a newbie
Its the way God and me have conversations
My passion is to encourage others that there is an Abudant Life for them
I want to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus

My favorite things

Getting up to a still house in the morning to refresh my soul with Jesus
New socks
Chocolate and oh yes Chocolate
Hearing my boys walk around singing worship songs as they play with each other


  1. Oh freshly ground it! I go to Costco and buy like 5 gigantic bags at a time and my car smells amazing for days. Loved reading your list and I am so glad you linked up even though you aren't going to physically attend this year!! You'll be missed.

    1. Car pooling in your car would be awesome :)

  2. Totally with you on the chocolate! I wish you were going to be at Declare -- hopefully, we'll meet next year. :)

    1. Thanks Patti! Yes, I am praying next year it will be a go for me. I will be following on line as much as I can.

  3. Quiet mornings with Jesus made my list, too.

    And I never knew anyone else out there organized items on the grocery belt. I blame my quirk on years as a Target cashier. :)

    1. Lynnae (love that name) thanks for stopping in to introduce yourself :)

  4. Hey Angela - it's Kylie Gunn The Book of Told. My Twitter account has thrown a grump and won't let me on for the moment. You can delete this from your comments but I felt I really wanted to explain about your query. NO SORCERY!! The irim represents the Urim and Thummin that the priests used in the old testament to define God's will. Habit is just the name of Adam who the Habitation was named after etc, and represents how we become addicted to things I guess. The whole story is an allegory of our world history in similar style to C S Lewis and Tolkien I have been told. It uses a lot of word play and has layered meanings throughout which make it a full read rather than a fast-food read. It has been given the thumbs up from Baptist pastors/theologians, and a range of pastors from many other denominations. There is an element of fantasy in the story because it is allegory, but no more than the miracles that occurred in the bible. The story is full of Beth Moore, Louie Giglio, Christine Caine, John Piper concepts from their many sermons I have on MP3. I respect your question and if I have misunderstood your reason for asking it I apologize!! The sotry covers six years in the life of Brew (Hebrews) which represents 6 thousand years of our history. The entwine is sin/greed, introduced by the rival author Luman who is trying to alter our stories from within. It may seem confusing but trust me it does make sense! It is like our world in that for many people, we are only just beginning to see how incredible was His plan now that we are in the last days!! I hope this has answered your question?! x

    1. Thank you so much Kylie. I am so sorry if my question offended you, not my intention at all. A sad thing to admit but I think I am not smart enough to understand all the theology quite yet but I am trying. It is fascinating to read. Thank you for explaining it to me better. I got nervous with the black and white stone for some reason it made me think of a "magic 8 ball" cause of the yes/no question and coloring. There is such mystery to the read, intriguing indeed :) Again, so sorry if my question was upsetting to you.

    2. Thanks Angela. I am glad to have heard how it could be misinterpreted... that was eye-opening! It is something I will be praying about. That, and that so many people who know me have said the author photo of me looks nothing like me (which I knew but my husband took it randomly and choose it)... it looks awfully intense and once you said the word sorcery, I 'freaked out' that all I needed was big hoop earrings to match the mysterious font the publishers used and it would create a very strange feel about the book. I am going to lookinto having this all changed. It all makes for a lot of discomfort on my end.
      Please don't feel you ever have to read it, as no book but the bible is for everyone. It is the sum of the gospel message in parable form. As though God (Told) was the author and we are words within His story, and we can choose the meanings of our words as we live out His plot. Your friendship was all I appreciated, not your ability to understand my strange way of describing God's plan. Thankyou for your honesty!!! God uses allsorts of His loved ones to declare Him with their lives, and fight for freedom for the enslaved... ;)

  5. I am so sorry you will not be able to attend. I do hope you have something else more exciting going on ;-)

    It was fun visiting your blog and learning a bit about you.



    1. Hi Cheri, I live in Michigan so it would be quite the jaunt to come to but hoping next year I can.

  6. I love your blog name! Nice to meet you through the Declare linkup. I'm sorry you are unable to attend. This will be my first writing conference. Super excited!! Waking to a still house . . . oh yes, my favorite too. My husband has been gone this year so I've had lots of quiet time. I can't wait for him to return home but it will be an adjustment for sure.

    1. Aww thanks Beth! Nice to meet you as well. That would be very tough having my hubby gone. Praying he returns quickly :) Have an amazing time at the conference. Hopefully my first time will happen next year. I know God has great things in store for all the wonderful women seeking Him. Praying for your time there.