Monday, August 4, 2014

Mom's out there do you take time for "you"?

Had one of the these moments last night
I am not my husband.  I know that sounds like a simple statement.  "I am not you and it is ok"...So many times I was striving to be his laid back, roll off your back, can do 14 jobs at once, be gone all the time doing stuff and look at that one hour of not doing anything a time of rest.  Not me at all!  And, that is ok.  I am completely opposite of that.  I need down time, I need a time of refreshing, time to myself to just be, a time where I don't have to parent or cook or clean.  To get out of the house, even if it is a drive in the car or going for a cup of coffee.  I need to be rested in order to be effective in who I am.  If by some chance I did go somewhere by myself (not the grocery store) I would feel like I had to hurry up and get home.  So, it was never really a time of refreshing more like a time of hurrying.  I don't want to be a wore out mom or a wife. When I am wore out it makes me snappy with my words, harsh in tone, and plum near out of love to give.

So, today I am going to take time for myself without feeling I need to rush home and take care of everyone. I am gonna drive slower, walk slower and enjoy my refreshing.  I think us moms are always wanting to make sure everyone feels loved and taken care of but yet doesn't do those things for ourselves. So moms out there, if you are like me and need some "Me" time, lets try this.  I would love to hear how it helps you to be okay with allowing yourself to have some time or do something for just you.  How does it help when it comes to being a more productive mom and loving wife?  

Spend time with God today and then doing something for you. (It's ok)

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