Friday, August 1, 2014

Rejection is the lie..Redeemed is the Truth!

Rejection....just reading that word as I type it makes me cringe with the enemies lies.  Redeemed is what my Father tells me. Being loved is what my God gives me.  He has called me to be a voice.  He has asked me to take steps.  I know this.  He spoke it to me, showed me in His word and followed it with things I would read or see.  I know His voice and I am stepping out and doing those things He is asking me.  It must be a time of testing for endurance.  The reason being is when I step and do the thing He is asking me to do at my present location a door is shut.  But,  maybe I am stepping in the wrong pool maybe it is a time to shift.  My heart is in Gods hand and I know He is leading me.  I trust Him. I won't stop stepping but maybe He is changing my location.  Maybe it's time for a change.  I don't know where it will take me but He will direct my path.  He will make all things good for those who love them.  So even though I have been knocked down and the breath slightly gone.  He breathes into me new life, new dreams and a new direction.  The waters will not over take me, the fire will not burn me, He is there.

I will Trust in with all my heart....


  1. I too know how rejection feels and it's a hard thing to get over, at least when we try to do it on our own. I tell myself that God is with me and He knows how things are going to work out. I am going through the loss of my aunt a couple of weeks ago and dealing with a family, my siblings, that are doing nothing but squabbling over the few possessions there are. They never had children, my aunt was physically unable to. So when she was left by herself, a widow, a year ago she needed help, a lot of help. Living only 5 minutes from her I spent much time taking her to the store and doctor visits etc. She would call sometimes in the middle of the night, panicking because she couldn't breathe. She had COPD going into the final stages. My husband and I would always rush over and take her usually to the ER and spend many hours with her. I got to know her so well during the 4 years we were living so close we jokingly referred to ourselves as having been adopted. So I had a new Mom (she was my Mom's older sister) and she had her first and only child. I knew this was going to happen, it was the same with my Mom. My aunt though saved her money and lived very thriftily so that she had quite a bit saved up which I encouraged her to spend on herself and she said no, I saved it for you and "the siblings". She told me a few years ago that she was giving me her car, and when she totaled it and the bought a new one I told her there was no way I could accept it. She told me again, my car is yours for all that you have done for me. You probably have already figured out what happened, one brother sent me a nasty email and told me if I didn't give it up to never email him again. Thankfully my other brother had been told by my aunt that she had given me her car and he is going to honor her wishes. I don't know what you are facing but things do get better and God is helping me to ignore all the fighting and go on living my life and help by doing anything I can to help my brother the executor of the will. I believe God is teaching me to rely on Him and not on my puny efforts to keep the peace, I turned it over. I have back surgery coming up Monday on my back so will be out of commission for awhile and He wants me to work on myself and get better. I love reading your blogs and maybe if I can get a refurbished laptop I will continue. God bless you and just hang in there.

    1. Thank you for sharing Linda. I have been praying for you often and will continue with up coming surgery. Be refreshed in Him :)