Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#LessonsfromGideon I want to run to class!!

My day has been exhausting and at times overwhelming! My old self would want to throw in the towel stay home in my pj's and eat a pizza with my boys.  However,  I can't wait until 6:30.  

Currently, I am attending a bible study for women at my local church, Victory Life.  We are studying "Gideon" with Priscilla Shirer using LifeWay Ministries series.  Today, I don't know what but I sense something.  Something deep down in my spirit.  Our third lesson begins tonight at 6:30.

I am going expecting! Expecting to hear something immensely powerful just for me. Something that God has specifically for me. My flesh wants to stay home, eat pizza and follow it up with donuts, but my spirit is over ruling that! It is drawing me to go.  I literally want to run out the door right now and go sit in the room where we all gather.  

Dear Father, thank you for the stirring in my soul...thank you for calling me there..I ask you give me your eyes to see, your ears to hear and speak to my heart.  I come expecting and I know you will speak.  Thank you Jesus, In your name...Amen