Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Your breakthrough is so close

I am not a writer.  I know that I make grammatical errors, and type run-on sentences.   If you are looking to be impressed and wow'd in amazement with beautifully written sentences, I am not your gal  (My beautiful friend Kylie Gunn is your gal for that--The Book of Told).  BUT, please don't exit just yet.  Hold on....Maybe something brought you to this post.  Maybe your still thinking, what is this about...Stay here, pause, take a breath and ask God what do you want me to see.

I have a very complex story to tell, but will not go into that on this post.  This is for that person who has been praying for years about the same situation.  Every day asking God please--- "fill in the blank"  I have had that prayer for years now.  I want to tell you to keep praying, keep believing, keep asking, keep being obedient in whatever He is asking you to do. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense, but it is not our position to make sense of it.  He is God, He has a plan, trust Him.  He is a good God.  A loving God.  A patient God.  He is not angry with you, He loves you.  

You may be in a battle right now and overwhelmed with the circumstances.  Your soul is in anguish and you don't know how much more you can take. Hold on to Him.  Be still and know that, Yes He Is God.  He has you....Don't give up because that break through is right there. Your break through is coming....I know this personally because I just had mine.  And, it is awesome!!!! Yours too is coming and I can't wait to hear how only God can do it.  For His glory, always.

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