Monday, November 17, 2014

Princess...What, me?

    I didn't grow up being called a princess in any way, but my husband calls me his.  My youngest boy is 3, and one day I was definitely not on board with feeling like a princess.  My outfit was bummy, my hair had more grey coming in then blond, my attitude was crummy.  Yet, Elijah came around the corner and said "Mommy you look like a Princess".  He ran off and kept playing as I stood there like "really have you looked at your mommy"...I felt God say "That is what I have been telling you, but you won't believe me either"

You are My Princess... I would hear from time to time.  I would always laugh and shake it off like there is no way this frumpy bumpkin is a princess. My hair is not long enough, I weigh too much, I have age spots now, I wear glasses...The enemy would magnify the lies to me of what he was saying so I wouldn't believe the actual truth of what my Heavenly Father was saying.  Not because I thought a princess was a bad thing but that I wasn't anywhere near what I thought a princess should be.  

So when Elijah said those words to me it went deep down in my heart and grabbed ahold of me in a new way. My sweet husband had been telling me it for many years and I would always rudely dismiss it.  I am not sure why at that moment it clicked but it did.   I am a princess... Yes, I said it and now I typed it for the world to read.  I am a Princess!  I might not wear a tiara and a fluffy dress but I am His princess.  I am my husband's princess because God uses him to affirm what He has been telling me for so many years.  It used to fall on deaf ears, but now it resides in a healed heart.   It is not in what I am wearing, if my hair is long enough, my make-up is on or how I am feeling.  It is in knowing who I am in Christ and He made me to be His princess.  Even in my frumpy comfies I am a "Princess"

What has he been speaking to you that you have to get into agreement with?  He doesn't call you names. He doesn't condemn or ridicule you.  That isn't Him, so don't listen to that voice.  Get quiet, be still and ask Him...Father, what do you say I am?  He will astonish you with His reply. 

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