Monday, November 24, 2014

See, I am doing a new thing!

My heart has been under such transformation.  Changes that I can't fully describe here with words. To sense the presence of God, to hear His whispers, to feel His love and peace.  Those are things you can only experience intimately with Him.  Those moments are the moments where dreams are planted, visions are seen, strength comes and fear leaves.  In those moments is where I can see how He is changing me.  I can sense it.  I don't understand for why or what but I see a difference in me.

Thank you Jesus, I pray my heart reflects your love to others so they can see the love of Jesus.  You are doing a new thing in me.  You have told me that, but I didn't really know as to what.  I see a glimpse of it now.  The beauty of where You will lead.  A new horizon, a new way.

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