Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I had taken my glasses off and placed them on the shelf next to the window.  As I finished my eye make-up I went back to pick them up.   

... My glasses were sitting directly behind a bottle which had blue Keri oil in it.  The sunlight from the window was hitting the bottle which reflected the color off of my glasses.  Causing this shimmering sparkle of blue color to dance on my lenses. It was so simple but so beautiful.  In that moment I had this thought....

Our Heavenly Father is shining into us His love. When we spend time with Him and are in alignment with Him we will reflect Him to others.  That sparkle, will catch the attention of others who may stop and ask...Where is that coming from?  How can I too have that?  We then reply, only Jesus and He is wanting you to have it.

Be a light reflecting sparkle to someone today.  There only hope may be to see Jesus in you.  

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