Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Behold, I am doing a new thing...

To persevere.  Wow! that takes endurance, passion, courage, trust, strength, and patience just to name a few.  Continuing to speak positive over your circumstances, even when you can't see a way.  It can get exhausting sometimes and discouragement tries to set in.  Don't allow it to.  

Here is a promise that I keep speaking over my own life;

 It's not our job to figure out the details.  I know that is soooo hard.  I too want to know if what I am doing is even making a difference.  But, we have to be determined to not get discouraged.  Shake it off!  There are going to be roadblocks and construction zones of building our faith and endurance.  Take that moment to catch your breath.  Dive deeper into the word.  You are Chosen, Relentlessly Loved, Adopted, Anointed, Gifted, and there is no one like you.  You are special

 Walk in God's promises. Not in what your eyes can see, and your emotions can feel.  Remember this...

He goes before you, He stands behind you, He is above you and beneath.  He is all around you.  He sends His angels to walk with you.  You are favored, you are loved, you are chosen, and YOU have a purpose!  Blessings

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