Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Never thought I would use a sport analogy..

This morning in my quiet time God brought back memories of me playing fast-pitch softball many years ago. At first I kinda giggled like why am I thinking about that...He kept bringing it up so I said ok God, what are you trying to tell me.  Then the connection came...

A little background. On certain teams I would be the ordinary player, but on other teams, I was the star player. It was from one extreme to the other. This would be within the same year.  I would play on a high school team and then on summer a traveling team.  So, the same skill level involved with the same other girls.. (New thought today) Borrowing on what team I was on would predict how I played.   I sat on this for a moment.  The teams I excelled on were teams that the coach believed in me.  It didn't matter if I had a perfect game or not.  It was whether I was on a team where the coach saw my strengths, encouraged me, cheered for me, showed me how to do it better the next play. When I was playing for someone who believed in me, I played with all I had in me. With no fear.  Even if I made an error or got tagged out the coach was telling me its ok just get back out there.

But, when I was playing for a coach who was one to belittle, scream and yell, embarrass, amplify the negatives, never state the positives;  then fear, doubt, self destruction would set in.  Definitely not one ounce of fun. I would make an error, feel the shame as he is telling me how terrible that was. Had coaches throw things while they are yelling at me, then be benched.  I would beat myself up mentally saying things like "what is wrong with you.. You make those plays all the time..You can't play..Your terrible. No talent....Your terrible. Give up!..

Isn't that exactly what satan does to us.  Now I am in no way saying those coaches were satan. But, that God was putting a connection with something I was familiar with.  The enemy (satan) he belittles, lies, tears you down, tells you things like.. aren't good enough, others are better, you can't do it.  The enemy torments you. The enemy wants to defeat you.. Don't play on his team.

But, Jesus...

Thank you Jesus! He is the coach that is cheering you on.  Telling you, you can do this.  I got you! You are talented, gifted with the skills He has given you.  It's ok if you step out and it doesn't go right.   Get back up and keep going. Jesus is the one you need to listen to.   Don't place your heart in someone who is a liar and thief. The thief wants destruction.  Put your life in the hands of Jesus. Jesus is the coach to play for.  He believes in you!

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