Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Activate Faith!

Spring is coming, we can't see it.  We sure can't feel it, because it is freezing cold. Well, at least where I live.. But, we know its coming.  We believe in something we can't quite see or feel yet.  Kinda like faith... Hang with me here...  Sometimes we are in situations where it doesn't look so good.  All we feel and see is what it currently happening to us and around us.

Knowing the promises of God is vital to keeping your mind in tune with your heart. Keeping your mind on the righteousness of God and seeking Him first.  Speaking those promises given to us in scripture over our situations. So it is on earth as it is in Heaven. So Don't Give Up!  Don't give up if you are still single and waiting.  Don't give up if the doctors tell you one thing. Don't give up if you can't see a way out of debt.  No, speak God's promises out loud! Saying them out loud activates that power that is already in you, the Holy Spirit. Then thank Him, thanking Him prior to actually receiving your answer to prayer is, Faith!

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