Monday, July 13, 2015

Security in the Father

Do you have multiple "un-known" things hanging over you right now? I do, and I don't like not knowing.  I am a planner, and an organizer.  I like having all of my little ducks in a row.  I don't like surprises! Not any kind.  My heavenly Father knows that and is gently tweaking me right now.  I feel like my 4 year old when he can't understand time concept.  He doesn't understand 30 minutes from now or 2 days from now.  He wants it now! Just like me I want to see how the end of the plan is going to happen now.  Knowing every detail along the way. Is that where I am looking for my security?  Wanting all the details before I proceed?  I think so, and that is wrong.  My security is to be in the Father.

The Lord is telling me to trust. Trust in Him!  To trust and to be ok with not knowing the in between details. To be honest I do not like this process!!!!  But, I want to move forward in my relationship with Him.  So to move forward I need to let go of needing to know the answers. AHH...this so hard for me.  I literally have to say "I trust you Lord" about every second when things come to mind.  The enemy is pressing me hard and I know that, but I will keep moving.  


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