Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pray BOLD prayers!

To be BOLD, you will stand out.  Standing out is the opposite of blending in, which usually is where I like to be.  Standing out can make you feel a bit vulnerable for others to attack.  Rejection in any form, well it stinks! The enemy likes to try and mess with you.  Saying things like, "you look like a fool, it isn't going to happen, what are you saying?"

I read Hebrews 11 this morning because I needed a reminder of those in the bible who had such faith.  By faith, not by sight, and as God was with them, God will be with me.

Where this shook the walls for me, was yesterday.  Then God reminded me of this.  My friend's husband was given 2 weeks to live by the doctors, and was told there is really nothing we can do.  Prior to this diagnosis though, her husband had been studying the word of God.  So when this hit, he began declaring the word of God over his health. He received a word from God and believed.  HEALED!!!!  I felt God was wanting me to share this story with another friend yesterday.  I said God I don't want to give her false hope, and He replied "AM I a false God?" By faith, you are made well, by faith you are healed, by faith your health is restored.  BY FAITH!!!  In the natural it may not look promising, but God is a SUPERNATURAL GOD!  
So even though I can hear the enemy chattering thoughts at me, I will say "It is written, He was wounded for our diseases, whipped for our sins and on the cross by HIS stripes you are Healed!

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