Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Haunting Shadows

My eyes were closed as I was praying, but I kept seeing dark shadows in front me.  I would open my eyes expecting to see someone or something standing in front of me.  However, nothing was there.  I began to pray, with eyes closed ,and again, shadows would appear.  Like they were dancing across my mind, never standing still. My eyes remained closed....I asked God, "Is this from you?"  His reply was "I am going to remove the haunting shadows from the past."...."Whose past, Lord?"

I wrestled with this all night last night, and again this morning.  I began searching scriptures and praying. As I was praying two words kept coming to me "wounded heart"...  Me, Lord?  You have healed my heart, is there something else I need to be healed from?  His reply.. Isaiah 38:20, "The Lord is ready to heal me!"

I believe this is for someone else, and maybe myself too...I don't have all the answers, but I know God is wanting someone to know, He is removing the haunting shadows of your past.  The ones that seem to hover over you, block you from being free.  He is ready to heal your heart, will you let Him?

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