Saturday, May 21, 2016

Eyes of Faith, Not of Seen

This tree in my backyard, on the outside, is showing no sign of life. It appeared to be dead, and needed to be cut down. The branches had absolutely no green growth at all.  Everything else in the yard had bloomed and spring was evident all around.  However, this tree was dead right in the middle of it all. Nothing new.

The very next morning we were out in the yard, and the tree caught my eye...  I couldn't believe it, the tree was starting to grow new fresh green buds. All over new green buds, scattered within the dead brown leaves that were now disappearing.  New growth was invading and evident all over.  Instantly, I had the thought "isn't this how I feel sometimes?" A dream that God put in my heart just seems dead. You see others around you fulfilling their dreams, yet yours seems dead.

How close we come to giving up on our dreams, because we can't see the growth.  We have to remember there is work being done, we just don't have God's view.  God is orchestrating things that we are not aware of. Then, just one more day...Newness begins, signs of fruit are beginning to show. It encouraged me to not give up, to keep a tight grip on my faith.  Don't look at the seen, but see through the eyes of faith.

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