Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"Really, God?"

Ever felt God asked you to do something, and once you say yes, things don't go the way you had thought?

A few years ago, I believed God was wanting me to try out for the worship team at my church.  For months, I wrestled with it.  I would think, "nope, somebody else will be better at that."

Unfortunately, because of my doubt, this went on for quite awhile.  One day, I finally said yes.  I went in my room, told my family to stay out, and made the video.  Apprehensively, with sweaty hands,  I hit the send button.  Comfort zone squashed!"

After a few weeks of stalking my email daily, I heard from the worship pastor.  Eagerly, I opened the email, only to find it was not at a welcome to the team type message.  Although the reply was kind and meant to be encouraging,  my heart was confused.  Instantly I said, "Really, God?"

Maybe, you had your own "Really, God?" type of moment.  You did what He was asking you to do, but the answer wasn't what you expected.

I want to share with you a few things I have learned.

What to remember:

  1. God is doing a work in you, through this process. TRUST Him!
  2. Look for what you can learn from this.
  3. Keep moving forward, even if it feels like your going nowhere in the natural. 
  4. God's hope will not lead to disappointments! Romans 5:3-5
  5. Have confidence in God's timing as you hope and wait. Romans 8:24-25 

Honestly, I still am not sure of the why and what to my experience. But, my heart for worship has grown stronger, my love for God deeper, and my trust in God far more than I ever thought.  Giving your heart fully to God, relinquishing control and trusting Him is the most freeing and beautiful experience. I hope this encourages you in some way.  God has good plans for you ~ Don't Give Up!

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